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April 2018, Perfect Health hosted the inaugural davidji Saoirse event on Velvet Strand, Co. Dublin, Ireland. People from all over the world and locals alike, gathered on the stunning Velvet Strand in Co. Dublin, Ireland, stepping out of their lives for a weekend to learn, connect, laugh and be invigorated with the fresh sea air and immerse themselves in davidji’s unique style and teachings of ancient wisdom. This year’s event takes place on the shores of Dublin Bay March 29 – 31 for Saoirse 2019 – Power, Presence & Grace.

Here’s some photos of April 2018 and feedback from people who participated in this transformative weekend. 

“A powerful experience. The nicest, kindest, and most rewarding thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Everyone should experience this. It’s a life changer. An incredible support tool for anyone struggling with any kind of issue. Fun, funny, deep, thought provoking, challenging, hugely rewarding. Really makes you look at yourself, at how you are moving through this life, and how you can really support yourself along the way. You walk away from this weekend empowered with a whole set of psychological tools you never knew you had. Sacred Powers. “Everything you need is right inside you” H.S. 

“I attended the Saoirse event with Davidji in April 2018. It afforded me an opportunity to step out of the busy life I lead and to drink deeply from the well. It was an opportunity to spend a long time with one of the world’s most inspiring teachers. What impressed me most was that it was about empowering me on my journey and not being a follower or any individual. Also the whole money side was up front with no hidden costs, the hallmark of integrity. Worth every penny.” Thomas H

“I had a fantastic time, learnt so much, the energy was so supportive – well done on organising such a superb weekend!” Clare

“It was my first ever meditation retreat / workshop and i have to say i take so much home for myself from this event. I feel so clear and connected after these 3 days and Davidji & Siobhan made the magic happen. Davidji was the first meditation teacher i ever tried meditation with in 2011 and i still practice with him. I truly love what he teaches and it was a bless to spend those days with him in person. Thank you for coming to Europe!” Maria


Is Funny, inspiring, motivating and authentic. 

If you are going to start your journey towards wellbeing, please start here.

Lesley Shearer 

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“If you have never meditated before, or if you have tried to meditate and given up, THIS IS THE MAN FOR YOU. I am so glad he was my first teacher. He de-mystifies Meditation. He is wise and wonderful (and very funny) but above all, DavidJi is very human. He  talks in layman’s terms, he’s one of us, and yet,  he has so much wisdom and knowledge to share with all of us. If you’re interested in Meditation and want it de-mystified and to be given some really simple, yet very powerful techniques, David is the best possible person you could be privileged to learn from.” 

“I cannot even begin to explain how much this incredible experience has changed my life. From the first day retreat I took with Siobhan to this amazing experience with Davidji I look at the world with a whole new set of eyes. I am less stressed, less anxious and overall just a much happier person. It was so motivational and inspiring. Thank you to you both for what you are doing.” #spiritualgangsters #saoirse Evey 

davidji Dublin 2018
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davidji, Siobhan McKenna, Perfect Health