Post Lockdown – Navigating Change

Siobhan McKenna sitting on the Cliff Walk Howth
Lockdown reflections

The Covid-19 lockdown helped me gain clarity. Before it, I knew something had to change – I just didn’t know what. To be more accurate, I didn’t know how. I was feeling stuck career wise. Things I’d hoped to achieve seemed like pipe dreams. Projects I’d started, remained unfinished. My creativity, stagnated. The pandemic really brought out the best and worst in me but I was at least being true to myself and my values. There is no roadmap for what comes next but if we know one thing for sure – there will be change and we can’t isolate from that. The link below is an interview I did in June 2020 about my experience of moving from the corporate sector, into the wellness field. My personal growth with meditation and how the journey has brought me back to my roots.