Sacred Ireland

Sacred Ireland

The Saoirse event is ideally located to explore Ireland’s Ancient East. Ireland is a land of folklore, mythology and sacred energy.

A 15-minute drive from Velvet Strand is Howth with its castle, legend of the Pirate Queen, dolmen and enchanted forest – I snapped the picture above last June. Look closely and you’ll see my dog, Lil Rox amongst the petals.

Going a little further, approximately a forty-minute drive, you’ll find New Grange – an ancient temple constructed in the stone age, that pre-dates the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge.

Nearby is the Hill of Tara – the seat of 142 High Kings, where it is said the entrance to the world of eternal joy and youth exists. St Patrick began his mission here where the energy was at its highest.

Uisneach – the navel of Ireland is 111 kms from Velvet Strand. It is the burial ground of Ériu, the Goddess of Ireland, after whom the country is named.

And of course, Glendalough, in the Garden of Ireland Wicklow.

We can arrange hiking tours of Howth and the sacred sites in the surrounding areas, just drop us an email for more information.

Links to the various Sacred Sites can be found on my Pinterest board Sacred Ireland