“Yesterday we had the pleasure of a Mindfulness session with Siobhan Mckenna here in Sonas bathrooms. As a HR manager it is very difficult to find the balance of something like this that will benefit the employees, but that they will also enjoy and have an interest in. In my 7 months here I have involved the colleagues in a number of different initiatives to boost morale and encourage them to focus onhealth & wellbeing. Siobhan’s session however was the first time I witnessed the colleagues excited and really interested in what we had organised, the feedback from all staff that attended was really really positive. I will definitely be arranging for Siobhan to join us again in the near future.”

HR Manager

Group Classes and Individuals

“I’ve absolutely loved the meditation course with Siobhan. I have brought home lots of hints and tips for meditation at home and find myself calmer with the kids. But nothing beats the relaxation and energy in the room which seems to make me all floaty! Thanks Siobhan.”

“I have really enjoyed and benefitted from the weekly meditation classes with Siobhan.

I have learned to appreciate that even showing up once a week and practising meditation for the hour is in itself a huge boost to my overall wellbeing.  I have come to understand that I don’t necessarily have to meditate for 30 – 60 minutes at a time;  being present and in the moment as much as I can throughout the day is in itself very beneficial.  Siobhan has also reminded us that we should always be kind to ourselves which I think we all forget from time to time.  All in all, a really uplifting experience which I would encourage anyone to experience. “

School Primary Teacher 3rd Class

“The children were delighted with the mindfulness class. They really enjoyed the bell, the breathing and the stories about our brain parts being like a wise owl and an angry dog. Afterwards they said they felt calm and one girl who had said earlier in the day that she felt sad said she felt happy again . I would highly recommend mindfulness classes to other teachers and schools to help nurture calm curious students who are ready to learn”

Thanks for visiting our class, Siobhán . These are the things they remember and love the most about school ! 

Young Person 18 year old student preparing for Leaving Cert Exam

Siobhán was really easy to talk to and I felt that she got me. She explains things simply and after just one breathing exercise, I was calmer.

Event/ Workshop

“I cannot even begin to explain how much this incredible experience has changed my life. From the first day retreat I took with Siobhan to this amazing experience with Davidji I look at the world with a whole new set of eyes. I am less stressed, less anxious and overall just a much happier person. It was so motivational and inspiring. Thank you to you both for what you are doing. #spiritualgangsters #saoirse


Siobhan and Davidji are amazing a truly transformative experience!”


“I really enjoyed the meditation class with Siobhan . I loved the mantras and time to myself every week . Siobhan is a fountain of knowledge about meditation and gives you lots of practical tips to bring the peace of meditation into your life. I would highly recommend any of Siobhan’s courses!”

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