Clouds over Dublin Bay

Why Saoirse?

The idea for Saoirse was born in the Sweet Spot – Carlsbad Beach, California, by davidji, Siobhán McKenna, and the davidji team in March 2017.

Great attention and planning went into finding our European Sweet Spot and creating an experience for you that not only gives you a special event in a stunning location, but equips you with the knowledge, tools and personal insights to help you take your life in the direction of your dreams.

Although we hope to re-create the magic of a davidji signature event, we also want to honour the unique energy of Ireland. When standing on Velvet Strand, where the event takes place, wind whistling in my ears, the Irish word Saoirse came to mind. Pronounced seer.sha, it means freedom. Freedom from non-nourishing patterns of behaviour, freedom from repetitive thought patterns, freedom from mental chatter. Standing there, I felt as free as the wind swirling around me. When I said it to davidji, he said “Moksha” the Sanskrit word for liberation. And they both have the sha sound! If you’re Irish and only know a few words in Gaelic, there’s a good chance you know what Saoirse means. For those of you travelling to Ireland for the event, the name gives you a little introduction to Ireland. To me, it’s a great combination – davidji’s high-vibration, the wisdom teachings from his latest book, Sacred Powers, tapping into Ireland’s sacred energy and our own innate energy to elevate us to see what we want to attract into our lives and let go of what no longer serves us. That to me is Freedom – freedom to be who I was born to be. Born Free. [smartslider3 slider=6]