Mindfulness based talks and programmes with practical tips and tools designed specifically for the work place. Based on our corporate experience and ten years expertise in the wellness field, these wellness solutions can be delivered in an hour, half-day or full-day sessions.

Benefits of Work Wellness –

  • Boosts team spirit
  • Improved Focus & Clarity
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Improved Resilience
Our previous clients include multinational tech companies, government bodies and SMEs.
Wellness at Work
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– a Perfect Health Signature Workplace Programme


Enhancing emotional intelligence in the individual, team and organisation through mindfulness and wellness tools, addressing many of our core needs and daily challenges. Some of the topics covered include –
Conscious Breath

for focus, clarity and in-the-moment calm.

Daily Mindfulness

Easy ways to integrate mindfulness in to your daily routine.

Meditation 101

for enhanced team communication, conflict resolution and how a shift in words and attitude help the individual and team to better communicate their needs as well as enhancing listening skills.

Mindfull Communication

demystifying meditation and a step by step guide to a establishing an easy meditation practice to help you feel centred and connected.

Work Wellness Solutions

These are key components to bringing wellness solutions to the workplace that can positively create a sense of well-being for the individual and the company, which leads to a happier, more productive and successful work environment.
All presentations include useful mindfulness techniques with emphasis on the main areas of individual and corporate wellness depending on your organisation’s requirements.
These include

At work but not engaged. Feeling unfocused, distracted and/ or hazy although physically present, which leads to a general sense of anxiety, groundhog day and perceived pressure. Using mindfulness tools, breathing techniques and learning about restful sleep will help people to be more engaged at work, giving better job satisfaction, improved productivity, boost staff morale and increase the companies overall performance.

Lunchtime Wellness Bites

A series of short talks (45 minutes – one hour) delivered in the workplace covering topics such as happiness, mindfulness, tools for a balanced lifestyle, office yoga and nutrition.

A Whole Lot of Wellness

The presentations within this programme include conscious communication, restful sleep, movement as well as the Perfect Health signature mindfulness tools. This programme is ideal for a company Wellness Awareness Week, or as a weekly or monthly course available to the team outside office hours (8.00am, 1.00pm and 6.00pm)

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