The Chopra Centre’s Primordial Sound Meditation and Perfect Health Ayurveda for well-being and balanced lifestyle are available to book privately.

Events and Retreats  – learn and grow while making meaningful human connections to others.

Many of us feel worn out. We laugh less, worry or feel a lack of direction. Some of us are sleepwalking through life not questioning, not excited to welcome the day.

You may just want to be a little calmer, freer, happier. You may feel a need to connect with your own essence. You may seek to grow, learn and have fun while doing so.

Here are some benefits –

  • Reduce Stress
  • Access Inner Calm
  • Release Emotional Toxicity
  • Improved Sleep Patterns

For me, personal growth and transformation began when I learned to sit still, connect with my breath, thoughts, body. I became less reactive. I naturally gravitated towards healthier choices in food, relationships and what mattered to me. I learned the value of self-care, restful sleep, laughter. Studying under Deepak Chopra  and davidji  brought me pure joy at times and helped me turn around so many aspects of my life that did not serve me,. So much so, I wanted to share this with you.

Meditation, Ayurveda for balance Lifestyle and any of the programmes featured on this website can be booked privately.

Residential and non-residential retreats are held in Ireland & Spain

There is very limited annual availability for a unique private retreat. The setting has some of the most stunning views in Ireland. You will spend two – fours hours per day in session with Perfect health director, Siobhan McKenna. The reminder of the day you will have time to spend in reflection, journalling, walking in nature, enjoying tranquil grounds and sea views. It is your chance to disconnect and reconnect.

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