Emotional Freedom

Meditation – Find the One that’s Right for You

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Scientific research now proves its effectiveness in reducing stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing in both our physical and mental health. Meditation is at the core of what we do at Perfect Health and we use various forms of meditation techniques so that you can explore which one resonates with you whether you just want to feel a little more relaxed and centred, manage your stress, or would like to delve deeper into your journey of getting to know yourself.  


Inner Pharmacy – Metabolising Sensory Experience

We often don’t give much thought to how we ingest and metabolise our environment through all five of our senses – touch, taste, smell, sound and sight. 

While it is easy to determine our Yum vs Yuk response to a taste or a scent, we may we less aware of our physiological response to touch, sound and sight. 

We are in constant interaction with our environment. Just as our physical body is created from the food we eat, are minds and thoughts are effected by the quality of our sensory experience. 

As we can choose healing foods to balance our body, we can choose experiences, sound, touch and scent to bring nourishment, healing and balance to our minds. 

In the Inner Pharmacy module, learn what triggers your stress responses, and how to counteract them. 

Emotional Freedom – Intimacy with your self. 

We all share a fundamental desire to be happy. Yet, often we are stuck in patterns of behaviour that prevent us from feeling a true sense of contentment. The roles we play in our lives – from the roles within our families, our social interactions and our public personal on social media can leave us over-burdened, deflated or with a residual feeling of imposture syndrome.

Identify your emotional response, from fight, fight and reactive response and how to shift to an intuitive and creative response to help solve conflicts within ourselves and with others, help us navigate our relationships and communicate better. 

In the Emotional Freedom module, learn how to identify our roles, your biological response and practice Non-Violent Communication, release toxicity, to heal damaged relationships with yourself and others to bring about emotional freedom. 

Inner Pharmacy

Perpetual Renewal – Detoxification, Purification, Rejuvenation

Lack of sleep, eating on the go, technology overload, can all lead to an accumulation of fatigue, toxicity and a feeling of burn-out. 

Learn how our individual mind-body type, circadian rhythms, movement, and food choices can help us redress imbalances that keep us from the feeling of vibrancy and wellbeing that we are inherently here to enjoy.   

Nourishment for Mind, Body, Soul – Food as Medicine 

Often we know the healthful foods to eat and increasingly there is a greater awareness of sustainable, locally sourced produce. 

But what are you really hungry for? 

You may be eating a well balanced diet but your digestive fire to metabolise those nutrients may be weak. You may have food cravings or a lack of satiety. 

This is not a replacement to sound nutritional therapy or dietician approach to food. This module is about Nourishment and our individual mind body type, to help you identify the six tastes and how you can stoke your own digestive furnace. 

Mind Body Soul – What’s My Dosha (Mind Body Type) 

This is an Ayurveda module to identify your unique Mind Body type (dosha). The dosha’s consist of Air, Fire, Earth and are constantly weaving, interchanging and intermingling. However, we have a basic nature – one we were born with – our vikruti. However, we evolve over time based on our circumstances and choices we’ve made in life – our prakruti, which may bring us out of balance from our basic nature. Learning the nuances of these elements, and how they relate to our constitutions helps us make better choices for our mind body spirit balance and wellbeing.  

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