Mindfulness Based Life Skills for *Young People.  

Extended screen time, exams, social media, lack of human connection are just some of the challenges young people experience daily. Subliminally we receive messages to be athletic, beautiful, funny, smart, popular, high-achievers. We are constantly on the go and plugged-in from a very young age.

We are taught to read, write, ride a bike but often we are not taught the skills needed to deal with modern life, how to communicate empathically with our peers, or how to nurture positive mental health and well-being while still living a full and abundant life.

Developing social and emotional intelligence skills helps young people manage difficult emotions, anxiety, while helping to navigate meaningful social connection, improved attention and emotional resilience.

This can be done through mindfulness activities and learning how to use tools such as our breath and meditation to quiet the mental chatter. 

Some benefits include – 

  • Improved Attention and Focus
  • Restful Sleep
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Better Coping Skills

Available in a group setting for schools, both primary and secondary or as one to one coaching.

Suitable for

  • Teachers and Parent Associations
  • Young groups
  • Summer schools
  • Parent and child

*Young People generally refers to ages 12 – 21

SOMO Mindfulness for Young People Launching summer 2020

Perfect Health activities and talks available for primary school ages children aged 5 to 13.

Young People

presentations for primary school teachers, parents’ associations

To enquire about a presentations for primary school teachers, parents’ associations, or to organise a seminar for your students (secondary and colleges) or to be notified when the ebooks are available please Contact Us

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